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What is SealXpert

SealXpert is a line of products that are used primarily for leak repair. These products are engineered for pipes and tanks.


Home Use

The mainly used SealXpert products that is used for homes is the WRAP SEAL and ULTRA WRAP SEAL kits. These kits are used to rapidly repair leaking pipes and joints within your home. This set of products can be used on a damaged pipe that is either experiencing an active or unactive leak.


Commercial Use

This line of product is application specific and can be used for any application with regards to pipe and tank repair.


Industrial Use

These products have proven themselves over and over again within a long list of industries including the food, manufacturing, and oil industries.


What product is best for my needs?

Here at Orange Technologies, Inc we pride ourselves in our ability to diagnose these correct product for each project we are presented with. Please contact us for any inquiries!


What SealXpert products do you provide

Please see the attached catalog that we have provided under “Downloads” for a full list of SealXpert products that we provide!

Wrap Seal Ultra Video

Photo Gallery


1. SealXpert Product Catalogue 2018 (pdf)

Leak repair level 1 and 2 (pdf)

Leak repair level 3 (pdf)

Full presentation SealXpert pdf (pdf)

Due to the abundance of products available, please contact us for Technical/Safety Data Sheets

We are always available to answer any questions you may have. We can quickly identify what product that you need and be here for any other needs that may arrise!

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