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The Tools


The RubbaFIX equipment are made to efficiently melt RubbaFIX Compound and give a means to ensure proper application.

The Use


After correctly following the surface preparation instructions, RubbaFIX Compound will successfully bond to the surface ensuring a satisfactory application.

Save Money


Save your expensive conveyor belt. Use RubbaFIX to make repairs to small and large sites of damage. This solution is cost and time effective. This will ensure that your facility returns to operation faster and economically.

Photo Gallery


RubbaFIX_Black_Safety_Data_Sheet-for-REACH-compliance (pdf)

RubbaFIX-MELTA-Units-Flyer-English (pdf)

IM101-PDS-0008-NSF-RubbaFIX-Product-Data-Sheet (pdf)

RubbaFIX-Product-Flyer-English (pdf)

RubbaFIX-Pucks-Flyer-English (pdf)

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