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Thermal Protection and Regulation

U-COAT 301 is a thermal insulating coating. This product replaces conventional insulating wraps with a Non-Hazardous, easy to apply, and easy to maintain coating.

Corrosion Repair

NRX products are made to chemically bond with oxidized surfaces to eliminate such corrosion and create a new protective barrier.

Pipe and Tank Repair

Quickly and easily repair tanks and pipes with SealXpert products. These products will eliminate leaks and reinforce pipes and tanks that have experienced a loss in thickness.

Epoxy Coatings

Rebuild your damaged equipment and protect it with Dura-Coat. These epoxy coats are proven to protect against abrasives and harsh chemicals. We can provide a solution to almost any project.

Conveyor Belt Repair

Do not replace your damaged conveyor belts! These are expensive, costly, and time consuming to replace. Use RubbaFIX to fix holes, slices, and other forms of damage within your belts.


We offer a large array of gaskets that are created with efficiency and longevity in mind. We are authorized distributors of the patented Fish Bone Gasket. 

Expanded PTFE

We offer a high quality Expanded PTFE. We provide this product as both a roll of Strips and as PTFE sheets.

Pipe Clamps

Pipe Clamps that you can rely on. This line of products are easy to use and offer speedy pipe repairs! Our Pipe Clamps can be ordered with either the standard rubber insert or outfitted with a sheet of high quality PTFE.

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