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Rebuild e Protect


We supply a very large line of ARCOR products. These products are used for surface repair and for surface protection.

Easy to Apply


Each ARCOR product is designed for the specific requirements of each application.

Protect Against Corrosive And Abrasive Material


Some ARCOR EPOXY coatings will give you a protective layer against corrosive materials and fluids. Other coatings are used to protect your equipment against abrasives.

Increase Reliability


Using ARCOR EPOXY will enhance your equipment and will increase the life span of them.

A Wide Range os Products


There are over 50 different types of ARCOR ensuring a coating for every project you have.

Can Be Customized For Your Application


If no pre-existing products support the needs of your project, we can work with the manufacturer together to create one custom for your application!

Heat Exchange Repair


General Product Information (pdf)

Catalog Product (pdf)

Presentation Epoxy (pdf)

Due to the abundance of products available, please contact us for Technical/Safety Data Sheets

We are always available to answer any questions you may have. We can quickly identify what product that you need and be here for any other needs that may arrise!

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